Places of interest

The westcliff stairs



Ok so uhm

How can I put this

I couldn’t feel my thighs 😂😂😂

And I mean how could I after
210 steps
And not the easiest of steps might I add

But the view
So worth it !!!

Now we made the mistake of going early thinking we’d catch sunrise

But becos of how it’s situated you would actually have a way better view of sunset

This is the perfect date night idea
Walk the steps
Catch the sunset
Work up an appetite and then head  to one of the restaurants nearby for supper

(After u read maghrib that is)

Now here’s a tip if u not to keen on
Walking that many steps

So u enter through crescent drive
And u can park off
But u see there’s steps then there’s a road which u cross and it’s the next set of steps


Don’t park off as yet drive further up to the next st (which is wexford st I think )
And the next if u still wanna skip more steps or park off if u ready for the  climb

Do go waaaay before sunset incase u get lost
We don’t want u missing the sunset view please mah please

Not only is the climb breathtaking
But i can. Assure u the view of the sunset once u reach the top will Def take your breath away

Places of interest

Paris in South Africa?? say whaaaaa

so it’s not the ideal place to spend the entire day especially for us muslim cos obviously the restaurant is not halaal and neither is the environment muslim friendly  (the faint music and the smell of bacon … no no

  However i would definitely suggest it for a bucket list tick

And more so if u always wanted to visit the eifel tower

So there’s this mini eifel towel and a bench under neath
With views of the dams
And flowers oh so pretty


It’s a beautiful place to sit just for an hour with the hubby or wifey (if you a guy reading this)

It’s the best backdrop for selfies !!!!
(Astagh I’m not encouraging selfies )


Engrave your name on a lock as well just like in Paris (my suggestion …
bring your own lock . The locks here  cost r120 upwards depending on size ) (I’d rather buy food for that amount )


Based in hartebeerspoort so I suggest u check out my other posts to see what else u can do in this area so u not travelling aaaaall this way
Cos like I said all u need is an hour or so to get the most of this place (selfies included )

Monday – Sunday
7:30 – 17:00

Hartbeespoort Aquarium
R511 R27

Places of interest

Romantic day out ?

U know those
*ok let’s go somewhere just the 2 of us *

And then u stuck scratching your head where …where oh where can we go

That’s not a mall
Not busy
And not far from jhb
And you end up just going somewhere to eat and then back home cos you can’t think of anywhere nice

Well have you heard of ” The Wilds”
Within easy reach of the city centre there is a place to enjoy a walk in the heart of nature. The Wilds is the place.. this inner city indigenous park is in a beautiful condition. paved footpaths that explore every area of the reserve and an exploratory stroll . Whether u a  hiker or not ul enjoy this walk up the cliff . With benches every now to rest a bit and continue to the top .
Keeping walking upwards it’s worth it .
Once u reach the top the view is amazing .
Overlooking the city with jacaranda trees in between .

Wear comfy shoes and don’t forget your water.
Best is to come early so u not hiking in the heat .

Views from the top
Picnic area

If u prefer not to hike well theres the picnic area at the bottom
With perfect manicured lawns
Pack a picnic basket and a few boards
Games and u good to go.

Pedestrian bridge over Houghton

Rumour has it that the wilds is apparently a dangerous place but we’ve been there on a Sunday and I beg to differ

There were a few fellow hikers as well as a teeny group of people having a picnic

I suggest leave ur valuables in the car
There is a security at the car park if that gives u a lil peace of mind ..

I think the only time you should stay away is if u the only people there..

Now what u waiting for go pack a picnic basket and head to Houghton drive lenasia


Masaajid | Prayer facilities

Masjid tariq bin ziyad (Sandton)

Now If u drive down 1st road Sandton  (think it falls under Linbro park as well)
And u have green fingers u will be over the moon excited to see a nursery at every second plot  (yes they have plots there and some plots have horses too ul never believe u in sandton)

And then u will be so overwhelmed and lose track of time until u look at your phone (yes phone cos admit it u still check ur phone for time even if u have a watch)
And realise dang it’s zuhr time!!!

Now u don’t need to drive all the waaaay back to where u came from or panic for the nearest masjid .

There’s a beautiful masjid further down 1st road
On 69 1st road Sandton stands the beautiful architectured village of Qurtuba and herein lies Masjid tariq bin ziyad
Unfortunately there is no ladies facilities however the friendly people of the village  were kind enough to let us use the outer ablution facilities as well as provided fresh clean towels and opened up one of the classroom for us to pray in

I guess if more people frequent their masjid they must just decide to add on a ladies area أن شاء الله

The outer ablution and bathroom area
How pretty are the doors




Halaal in South Coast

So we were in the Margate
Area this past week
and although we had taken food that would last us years to come you still get those days where u feel I just want to eat out…

After much driving around and Google searching halal food places
We stumbled upon Mr Fish

Now not the most exciting in terms of decor or appearance but it’s not only SANHA approved it also tasty !!

We were there at 9:59am (it was past my 2nd breakfast time so I was starved ) they open promptly at  10am
We decided on a chicken wrap for breakfast which comes with lil chips and a cold drink(was a bit too early for fish )
Within 10 mins it was ready (and thank God as the ever so friendly muslim owner was waaaay tooo excited to tell us her life story but shem i guess they don’t see much Muslims in this side of town)

We took this back to the resort as i wasn’t up for sitting in a fishy place

It was soooo good that we decided we’d order lunch from them as well

For lunch we had grilled hake which was also quite nice
We felt the portions were a bit small for the price but I guess  when u get halal food in a place where it’s scarce u just make shukr

That’s all we had tasted from the lovely Mr Fish but apparently the prawns with that special sauce is too die for ..

3 Mayfair Bldg, Marine Dve, Margate, 4275
039 317 4304

Chicken wrap


Places of interest

Rietvlei Zoo Farm

Nestled in the South of johannesburg only 18km from the city is the beautiful Rietvlei farm

With plenty of activities for the kids From Pony And Horse  Rides ,mini zip line , train and tractors rides ,jungle gym , farm animals and aviary area make this an ideal family outing. 

For the adults there’s zip line too from as lil as r150 , fishing spots and hiking trails..

Braai facilities

 Clean toilets 

And for the ladies …. the spa 

Lapas and terraces can be hired out incase of incremental weather  or for a family reunion or corporate function

Benches and tables are provided but are in short supply so come early 

Parking spots near the picnic sites at only r40 or if you don’t mind the walk it’s free parking outside the restaurant 

Minimal entrance fee

Great place for team building as well